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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
Lol im not bitter, but it's just funny how no one is mentioning how poorly Rafa played. It's been reversed plenty of times where Rafa beat a subpar Fed. The difference is Rafa fans didn't create 20 threads about what Rafa "did right". @at your last post, if they did create those topics they'd be just as delusional. Had Nadal won the AO final, he wouldn't have done anything better except play with more aggression. Not have "new tactics"
I'm a Federer fan, do you really want me to make a thread ****ging off Nadal's game? Lol i'll leave that to rafa fans who have been doing it a lot lately. You clarky and namelessone can do that.

and why don't rafa fans make threads about what rafa did right when he beat Fedrer? erm because he ALWAYS beats Federer??. If Nadal beat Djokovic and Djokovic played like crap there would still be topics if Rafa actaully played well himself. You know there would. And what difference does it make if he used new tactics or just played more aggressive? None! It still amounts to the same thing.

Man, Federer comes out with a positive attitude and his fans are just pleased he had the right outlook, and you who I rated as one of the best people here, just have a go at people? I'm kind of glad I've been through the whole process of the fall of my idol many years ago, so I don't actually have to get a pout on when he loses anymore

If Nadal came out with a good attitude and beat a crappy Djokovic you'd all be obver the moon. A lot of you were pretty happy even though he lost the AO.

Another thing is to play that good in the wind was pretty good stuff. And I disagree slightly that he didn't try anything new, ok he's tried these things before but he did them better and didn't give up on them. I said in my first post stuff like he served well - did i suggest he has never served well before? Of course not, but he doesn't always do it vs Nadal. Same with his choice of when to come into net, same with his belief and shot selection. It often deserts him after a couple of great nadal points.
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