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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
You're taking me way too serious tonight, im not having a go at anyone. The only thing I didn't agree with is the whole "Federer is attacking Nadal's backhand like Djokovic"....... "Federer learned the tactic to beat Rafa from Novak!!" and all that garbage. You're right though. Nadal could beat an injured Djokovic on crutches tomorrow and id throw confetti in the air.
Yeah but I never said that anywhere in my thread. I literally did not mention him attacking his backhand or learning it from Nole (which I agree is crap) I'm just saying all the elements of his game were good (volley, serve, shot selection, attitude) and I was pleased he did it. I even said I don't know if he can do itt again or if it's a one off. So I get you're ****ed with people saying stuff but I don't think anything I said was guilty of being what you saying it is
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