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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
well people are discussing what federer did well on match threads and various others, i just wanted to sum up stuff in one thread. Didn't know it would cause such a ****storm. Didn't insult nadal at all, but that was my mistake, i should of said how ****poor and useless he was. In future when pleased about any match a player wins against nadal, i will specify that Nadal brought it on himself.

Jeez, i've said 100 times that nadal did not turn up in the wtf match.

Incidentally, anytime a nadal fan talks about how awesome Nadal was in 2008, especailly at RG, do they always remember to say how crap Federer played, and how he choked Hamburg and choked break points at Wimbledon? I'm talking nadal fans, not fed fans.
You forgot what forum we were on lol. And i was agreeing that he didnt do anything particularly "new".
Fed can even get back to #1, if they put a roof over every slam and masters next year~Zagor~
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