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Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
I think Koenig is one of the best commentators out there.

When I lived in the UK I had to put up with Andrew Castle. It almost meant I had to watch tennis with the sound off, he is so bad.

Koenig's tennis insight is usually very good and whether he is a Nadal fan or not, he usually gives Federer a lot of credit.
I too think he knows how to call tennis - that's not the issue here. I can even accept he's a ******* and I can understand why commentators are not 100% objective - they are human after all, and have their favorites. What I can't understand nor accpect is Robbie question the umpire'e decisions for favoring Fed (which is clearly false) like your usual TT *******, and completely ignore ALL of Nadal's constant rule violations.
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