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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
He shouldn't do that. THe umpire hardly has any influence these days. I like Koenig but I'd like him to at least appear impartial. Not that I cant take it that there are Nadalfans among commentators, I just dont want to know about it when I hear them commentate
I used to think he was a big ******* last year or so. However, this year I have heard him being critical of Nadal. Several times, not once, he has brought out how much time Rafa takes between serves, that it exceeds the recommended time, and compared it to Fred.

Of late, he's been complementing Fred a lot. I think he's okay.

Also, Lahyani has made a lot of good overrules. One mistake today should not invalidate his correct overrules. As far as Lahyani being a *******, I've heard Fred arguing with him and once being rather rude, I dont think he'd continue being a Fredtard after that.
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