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What Federer is doing in the last 6 months is just amazing. He has lost only one match (SF in the AusOpen) in his last 8 tournaments.

He has been clearly the best in the last 6 months, and pointwise he is the best of the last 8 months too.

He is almost a lock for nš2 and he has great chances to get to nš1 too in the following months.

At 30 years old he mantains himself in perfect physical and mental shape.

In the moment Nadal and Djokovic go down a little bit (like what is happening right now) Federer will raise to the very top.

The level (and consistency) he is playing at is just formidable.

Possibly the best tennis player of the Open Era (even though I usually don't compare players from different eras, because of all the changes in so many things).

Enjoy it while it lasts, because you will never see again a player like Roger Federer.
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