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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
If Federer dominated the Nadal the way he dominated the field, he'd have 1 more W, one more AO(09) and one more RG (2011). I don't think he was a better player at any other RG against the field than Rafa, and Djokovic was better at AO 2012 against the field I think, though that's a close one.
Correction, if Federer dominated Nadal the way he dominated the field, he would have 4 more RG Titles, if not 5. Since Nadal beat Fed at 3 straight RG Finals 06-08. (Nadal beat Fed at the 05 RG Semis if you recall, and I'm pretty sure Fed would've beaten Puerta.)

So if you add that all up, Federer would have 22 Slams right now, possibly 23.
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