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Default Only 9 times in Federer's career...

...has he been aced 20 or more times in a match. And only ONE time over 30. In over 1000 matches. And he played tons of matches against players who routinely hit 20+ aces against others, but he shrinks them to Coria numbers sometimes. The latest victim, Isner, 4 aces?! This guy is insanely hard to ace.

Here, the list of the lucky ones who did it, except for that one who had 31 aces against him, let's see if anyone knows who it was

sampras in 01 wimbledon 26 aces

ljubičić in 03 basel 27 aces

verkerk in 03 paris 24 aces

ljubičić in 06 miami 21 aces

karlović in 08 cincinnati 22 aces

karlović in 09 wimbledon 23 aces

roddick in 09 wimbledon 27 aces

f.lopez in 11 madrid (clay) 23 aces

and the guy with the weird ball toss 31 aces
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