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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
Nikon 1 System V1 / J1
640 x 240/400 fps (plays at 30p/29.97 fps)
320 x 120/1,200 fps (plays at 30p/29.97 fps)

I just noticed previous post mentioning those, dpreview does not provide details on video recording time in high speed mode, unless I missed smth.
I believe that those Nikon models only record HSV for a few seconds -~5 sec - but I don't own the camera so I'm not certain. See later replies of this Casio thread and confirm specs with an internet search.

“…………..The first mode shoots at 400fps and stretches a roughly five-second clip into a slow motion clip of just over a minute. The second mode shoots at an even higher frame rate, 1200fps, and stretches a five-second clip into a slow-mo clip of three minutes, 20 seconds. Both modes are limited to the five-second recording length, and, remember, both capture very low-quality video.”

Check that show-stopper spec before buying Nikon V1 or J1 models for tennis stroke analysis. You can often download the complete user's manual from the manufacturer.

The new Casio ZR200 with manual shutter speed as fast as 1/2,000 s should do a very good job for tennis stroke analysis. CORRECTION - the ZR200 may not have MANUAL shutter speed control in high speed video - see reply #28.

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