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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
Hi Jason, its been at least a year since u changed over to the London, have u changed sticks since?
Ha. Funny you should ask. I've been itching to switch for the past few months and toyed with a few racquets like the Slazenger Pro Braided, Head Youtek IG Prestige S, Dunlop Biomimetic 400 Tour and the Wilson BLX Juice 100. But recently, I find myself grabbing a leaded up Volkl Organix V1 MP. I love the feel and spin I can put on my shots. I now have it weighted up to 11.1 ounces with a swingweight of 306.

Who knows what I'll be using in a week, 2 weeks from now. I just got a first look at the Organix 9 and the Boris Becker NYC. Can't wait to try those out!

Jason, TW
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