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Default USTA Sectional Opens Counting for TRN Rankings - 4/1 - 7/31

People have requested for quite some time that (TRN) publish tournaments that will count towards its rankings. Historically, we have used the USTA National Schedule, ITF tournaments on U.S. soil, and additional USTA sectional and ITF tournaments with sufficient cross-play. These "additional tournaments" were added after-the-fact once we could analyze the strength of the tournament.

Going forward, are going to modify our policies - we will continue to use the tournaments above, but we will also include a set of Sectional Open tournaments that are historically strong. These Sectional Opens will definitely count towards TRN rankings - as well as towards qualifying competitors as "national players" at TRN as long as the competitor has a win in these tournaments.

Here is a partial list of such tournaments. We will update this list from time to time:

4/7 – GA State Spring Open Chmps. (Rome, GA) [USTA Tournament ID 703468012]
4/9 - L1 Port Washington Spring Classic (Port Washington, NY) [100312712]
4/14 - USA Drug Spring Classic Open (Little Rock, AR) [703300212]
4/14 – ZMG @ Boca Super Series (Boca Raton, FL) [153824112]
4/26 – 112th Annual Ojai Valley Jr. Tourn. (Ojai, CA) [651747812]
4/28 – Anaheim TC Spring Jr. Open (Anaheim, CA) [651701812]
4/28 – Aquafina RTC Open State Chmps. (Ridgeland, MS) [703833612]
4/28 – Rio Del Oro Jr. Chmps. (Sacramento, CA) [508342712]
5/5 – 33rd Annual Lakewood Spring Jr. Open (Lakewood, CA) [651727512]
5/5 – Super Series @ Midtown AC (Weston, FL) [150755512]
7/14 – GA State Jr. Open (Rome, GA) [703460612]
7/16 – 19th Annual Costa Mesa Summer Classic (Costa Mesa, CA) [651753012]
7/19 – 41st Annual Knowlwood Jr. Tourn. (Santa Barbara, CA) [651704012]
7/30 – 20th Annual Northridge Open (Northridge, CA) [651754412]

You can find any of these tournaments by entering the USTA Tournament ID here:

As I said above, this is a partial list, and we will update it as we become aware of additional tournaments. If you know of a historically strong Open tournament that we should consider for this list, please contact us at

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