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Goran was in a dark place from the start of 2000 until the start of 2001 Wimbledon. That was Goran at his worst, playing awfully, in frequent sulks and having to retire from one match due to smashing all the racquets in his bag. The lowest point was at the 2001 Australian Open, where Goran flew for 22 hours, lost in the first qualifier, and then flew back another 22 hours.

If you don't believe me, just check Goran's results in that period. They are awful, to say the least.

Good thing Goran couldn't have been playing that bad because he faced Federer in the RO16 and QFs of the tournaments he encountered Federer in. So obviously he had to be good enough to string enough wins to be a good enough player to beat a rookie Federer who had almost no match experience, and was utterly prone to meltdowns.

Oh wait, he got utterly smashed. Federer owned a veteran Goran when Federer wasn't even good. In their 2001 match on carpet, I believe Goran was somewhere in the top 20s, so he wasn't exactly god awful. Federer was just not a good match-up for him.
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