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I think he's fine too Senti, great commentator. But where does he get that Laayani was in favour of Federer? I mean, the match with Nadal callwise was hardly any controversy
Maybe he is referring to an overrule of an out call against Federer during the Fed-Isner match. I believe it came during the second set and would have given Isner a break point (I think). The ump overruled it and they replayed the point which Fed won. The unofficial Hawkeye revealed Fed's ball to be long.

I think Koenig is great. I love his accent and his South African expressions. He is a Nadal fan but absolutely gives Federer his due. He was tweeting on his own time and is entitled to his opinion regarding the umpire. I don't agree with it but it is a tame opinion. Nothing to get all hot and bothered about. I watched the final in real time with Chris Fowler, Pam Shriver, etc and just wished that they would reduce their banter by 50%. Koenig and Adler have it just right. And when they do speak, there are usually insightful comments.
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