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Originally Posted by Hitman99 View Post
LOL! This is NOT such a big deal. I did the same thing with my Wilson Hyper Carbon Hammer 2.0, and it turned out just fine.

I tried to order an ES 116, but Vortex was back ordered, so I switched to the 133. I still might try to get my hands on a 116 --- might as well get acquainted with the whole family! The auction ends in 13 hours, so I might put in a "best offer" bid, see if it gets accepted. I kinda doubt it though.

We'll see. Meanwhile, going to a USTA practice team session tomorrow morning, so we'll see how the modded 133 plays.

One thing I've noticed is that the black color of the strings has alread worn off at all the string intersections. This beast might go through strings like water.

Lol...."the beast ".....perfect description.

I hope you get the's probably the right one of ever there was one you liked.

Try the multi from vortex they are pretty good.

I'm really glad your enjoying the sticks. As you guys said "it puts a smile on your face."

Good luck in USTA!!!! I hope "the beast" works out for you.

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