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Default WTB: Rackets and a stringing machine

I was hoping that you guys could help me out!!! I am looking to buy a few things and was hoping if I posted I would get some information!!

I am looking to buy the following rackets:

Wilson Prostaff Tour 95 (the one pictured here http://www.the**********.net/browsep...f-Tour-95.HTML)
Wilson Hyper Prostaff 6.0

Both can be either 3/8ths or 1/2 grip size!!!!

Then I am looking for a stringing machine and I would prefer a Tabletop stringer and I would like it to have a crank no drop weight! Thanks guys!!! Hope to hear from you

I also have trades available maybe we could work those out!!!

Send Inquiries to ********11(at)gmail(dot)com <<< if this doesnt show up I think my email is on my page, also if not then post on here!! Thanks!
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