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Originally Posted by forthegame View Post
Right, was AVB proved right? That this Chelsea team cannot hang with City? Let me know your thoughts, gents.
I agree with you and think Fena will too. A couple of appropriate buys would make things right though and Torres is getting there-I enjoyed watching the interaction between he and De Matteo when Torres came off.

The game started off with a frenetic pace but it got ugly in a hurry. City have all these attacking options but they don't seem to work well together. I also think City is much better with Berry in the team and he made an impact after coming on.

I guess Wenger gets credit for 2 victories yesterday: our win over Everton and also the City win over Chelsea: 1/3rd of the outfield players were Arsenal sell-ons and Nasri scored the winner

I've not watched Everton much this year but was really impressed with their work rate. Not the prettiest side but they don't allow you a moments rest when you're i possession-very Barca like in their constant pressure.
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