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Clemson took care of the Tribe easily. Funnt thing. Yannick Maden's opponent Vodislav stated after the coin flip when he chose to serve "I'll hold". He then proceeded to double fault 4 straight times to start the match.

vs Maryland tomorrow. Maryland is not ranked but still a pretty good team. They took one on the chin vs Oklahoma. Maryland beat Clemson last year 5-2. However I expect Clemson to come out strong tomorrow. Clemson will using new doubles pairings. Then new combo of Y.Maden and Wibowo at 1 will be a salty team.

Maryland will likely take #6 singles. Rigsby,Moran and Willems have all had their fair share of trouble winning at that spot. Harrington is playing well now, he will be a rock at 5 this ACC season. I don't see him losing much there. As long as he plays well nobost at that position can hurt him, his shots are far too big for many players at #5. I expect #1 and #2 to be battles but Maden and Meza will pull them out. The other question mark for Clemson is which Wibowo will show up. He plays a brand of high risk tennis, which can be great or also bad. That will be a key.
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