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I remember of this 1992 match that Seles was bent double gasping for air a few times as they got deep into the third. By the end she was definitely tired and hanging on with sheer grim tenacity. Both of them were so tough. (no cry babies like Ana or Sabine back then) If Graf had held on just another 3 or four games she might have won. On that day Seles was the better ball striker, Graf had to try to grind her down with better fitness before she got outhit. At the same time she also had to get the ball much deeper against Monica or lose the point, hence her large number of ufe. Same situation in their 1989 RG SF when there was one game around 4-3 in the third where one of their points went to something like 20 or 30 strokes with devastating shots from Seles that Graf stayed with with her superior speed until Seles simply couldn't move anymore and Graf hit a fh dtl. After that rally, Seles didn't win another point. On clay the battle lines imo were one better at attacking, the other better at defending, it was a matter of who could carry it that particular day.

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