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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
Oh boy, here we go with the Nadal drug controversy again. No mention of Djoko? Going from fainting after the first set in heat to running around like a wound up toy. Must be that magic gluten-free diet, or maybe he's on roids, or they injected horse gene's into his body.

Anyways, regarding Borras and Nadal. His 'contract' ended after his lesson was over. He was paid for his time and it ends there. He can request recognition verbally with a phone call to Tony. "Yo Tony wazzaaaaaaaaap, just wondering if I can tell all ma homies what I did with Lil Rayray? No? ah ok, well word...stay black" ...or something like that. Be professional about it, but he's hurting his reputation over this to possibly never work with a high profile player again. Gun, point at foot, pull trigger.

That's a good one ! thanks for the smile ~
"Whoever said 'It's not whether you win or lose that counts' probably lost!" ~ Martina Navratilova
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