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What I remember correctly is that she had horrible net instincts. Weird, she had no problems taking groundstrokes out of the air if she got caught mid-court, and she'd swing volley a few times when actually at the net. But, she retreated so much. There was one point where she had to come and take a ball in the service box, she crushed it but Graf got it back, If she just would have closed to the net, any sort of volley, no matter how ugly, would have been fine, but she retreated and missed the ball coming back at her, which she was hitting from her shoe laces near the service line as she's moving backward.
she didn't have the competency at net in this match but she did eventually learn it a bit. it's a shame because i thought she improved on this a lot by the time of the 1993 australian open where she beat graf again in three sets. in that match, she looked a lot more comfortable at net and wasn't retreating anymore. she also hit some regular volleys and not all just drive volleys. there was even one point where she played a perfect serve-volley combination.
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