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Originally Posted by dannykl View Post
Should Steffi come in more and volley more in that match?
Or should she use her topspin backhand a bit more in that match?

I find she could come in and close the net in some points but she didn't, especially after hitting a powerful forehand she didn't back it up with a volley. If she did, she might be able to win more points.
Both. Her forehand was her kill shot and she could have moved up after quite a few of them instead of hugging the baseline. Some of her forehands put Seles so far off balance a volley would have been opportune and win the point then and there. Not moving in made so much extra work for herself and cost her points. However Seles was also a good passer so maybe she didn't want to take the risk?

Her slice backhand was effective but it was also predictable in the sense that you know that shot was what you were gonna get off that wing. Varying it up with more spin or just plain hard flat strokes probably would have given Monica a lot more trouble. But again her slice was her go to and in a major final maybe she didnt want to experiment to muxh knowimg she was close anyway?

But yes she should have done both of those things
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