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Originally Posted by Colin View Post
One must admire that even when it's a rare occurrence, Fed strives to be the GOAT of everything he does — whether it's the GOAT of tennis (of course), pink polo shirts (check), illusionist-inspired commercials (who else?), backhanded news-conference compliments (possibly) or racket smashes. Sadly, I think there are too many good smashes here, so Fed's going to have to settle for Top 5 in this area...

5. Tie: Roger, bringing in the element of surprise and a deep reserve of feeling as he plays grim reaper to an unsuspecting racket. (As compared with Djokovic, whom I felt perfunctory. I didn't quite buy his racket smash on an emotional level.)
*Youzhny: The racket turns on its wicked tormentor, and the incident transmutes into a rite of self-flagellation, the blood testament to the hemorrhaging scoreboard. Youzhny suffers for his tennis.

4. Baghdatis: For his winning combination of abundance and efficiency. What's better than one broken racket? Four broken rackets! But Baghdatis, unlike certain racket-friendly associates, isn't one for time-wasting tactics, so he doesn't bother taking them out of their plastic bags before ushering them to their final reward. On many levels, the night was a triumph, except for the match.

3. Gonzo: Asking for applause for his brutality — shameless but he knew how to get the crowd into a racket massacre, unlike Roger, who drew only its derision. You see, the racket smash is the opposite of class, which is Roger's hallmark. Gonzo is not afraid to revel in the mire and celebrate destruction as an act of creation. That's why he has a Hall of Fame career in racket smashes.

2. Roddick: He shows mischievous humor and shrewd practicality by inquiring whether he had incurred a code violation for abuse before inflicting the coup de grace. Sensing the umpire's indifference as a personal affront to his smash skills, Roddick made damn sure he had earned his rebuke by the time that racket had shuffled off its mortal coil.

1. Vera: She knows how to kick a racket when it's down. You can feel her untrammeled hatred toward the soulless implement as if it were a living, breathing being — and completely responsible for her shortfalls on the court. It's rather a shame she managed to finally balance her medication, found inner peace or turned to other inanimate objects upon which to inflict her rage hidden from public stare, because her recent demeanor only sharpens the contrast to her legacy of ruination and madness, tales of tears and torn bandages, swaths of medical tape ripped asunder like a prisoner breaking free from his shackles. Some say it was Kim Clijsters, others Serena Williams. But those who admire a good meltdown know that Vera's greatest opponent was her own racket, and she almost always came out on top in that particular matchup. In those instances, if she were Roger Federer, that racket was Andy Roddick (see No. 2 for karmic slight). That's why peak Vera is the GOAT of racket smashes.
Originally Posted by purge View Post
theyre all great in their own way. fed breaking a racquet was basically an impossible thing to even imagine after he matured on the tour. he used to do it in his teens but it was never seen again later up until that point. also how professionally he did it was amazing regarding how long a break that was from the last time he did it lol

baghdatis was awesome cause you could really see him thinking about it like "should i get another one out? or shouldnt i?" twice inbetween lmao. also how he didnt even bother to take the last 2 out of the wrap -.-

roddick wanting his warning was hilarious too.

djokos almost makes you feel sad for him lol. hes trying so hard and he just cant break it. "darn-it stu-pid eff-ing pill-ow grass-court :S" haha awww :P

goran clearly takes the epicness award for being the only player to ever be forced to retire due to lack of equipment oO

gonzo obviously takes the overall lifetime achievement award +g+

oh and then youzhny, well... not technically a racquet smash but still.
racquet to youzhny: "HEAD!"
youzhny to racquet: "ok."

it's difficult to make a choice... as you said, they are all great, but in a different fashion.

the brighton episode is a classic... and goran managed to bounce back from that several months later ! i hope marcos can enjoy a similar success after his "melbourne tetralogy"...

malisse could have deserved a spot in the poll... i like how his racquet is so deeply crashed into the fence that it seems hard to take it out !

by the way, about girls... didn't navratilova smash some racquets (and chairs ?) with a decent amount of rage ? (or is my memory playing some tricks to me ?...)
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