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Originally Posted by Erman View Post
The system is still getting rigged. There are a couple of 2013 players who decided to repeat or prolong or redo their sophomore/junior year and now jumped up in rankings and stars/chips. Almost like an artificial "gap" year.
We have been talking about this for over a year, but no sign that TRN will address it.
( They stated legal issues, which doesn't make sense as the ITF shows birth dates.
And also, when TRN is posting on Tuesday, a past weekend tournament with a qualifier...
well, if you wanted to kidnap that junior, you would know where to show up the following weekend,
so not sure about the privacy issues.)

In my son's grade, he had kids that are 18 months older than him on TRN.
Some kids, player A and B have two years difference.
I know hard to believe.
Some kids will turn 18 in the fall of college year, and other kids will be turning 20.
Of course, it will all even out after everyone is matured, but it looks quite different when you are in the middle of it
and a kid looks like a superstar, but they really are just playing younger kids...

So, either you can keep your son/daughter in the correct grade, and play by the rules.
Or, leave them back a grade as no one will ever know.
But, if you are going to do it, then it must be at the latest by summer of the end of 8th grade.
Once high school starts, the clock is ticking, and you won't be able to manipulate the system.

The biggest caveat I have noticed among the kids who do it are they tend to be the heavier partiers among the tennis kids.
( And I can tell you the majority of tennis kids don't party ( drink, smoke pot)).
But, they are the first to drink in their school grade, etc. I don't know why.

Obviously, a personal decision, but the issues of transparency that I have with the USTA, apply here too.

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