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Originally Posted by Lionheart392 View Post
I find this an interesting rivalry. Steffi leads 7-2, but they had some close matches, most notably the 1999 French Open final. However, it seems that Hingis never really got her head around Graf's game. Hingis has dominant records over people like Seles and Sanchez Vicario; she didn't have a problem with most of the older generation. And although many talk about her being powered out of the women's game, she is still a combined 17-17 against the Williams sisters.
So what was it about Graf that gave her only 2 victories in 9 matches?
Interesting.Hingis was a very clever player, with sound techniche who changed spins,paces,angles...but nothing seemed to disturb Steffi.I always thought that, to beat Steffi, you had to overpower her, just as Seles did on clay during her prime, and Martina Navratilova did when she was dominating Graf.

Hingis game could beat and match everybody but, for some reason, she never found the clue to beat the german.
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