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Originally Posted by jht32 View Post
Yes, TRN is for college recruiting, and the graduation year ranking would be more valuable than age-based rankings.

College coaches, if they knew the kids age, might factor that into the decision (or not). Some college coaches might give younger kids bonus points for being younger, some college coaches might give olders kids bonus points for being more mature, some college coaches may not care about the age at all. The age would be a nice to know. But for TRN to factor age into the graduation year ranking, whatever algorithm is used would not be universally accepted.
Agreed (oh-oh!!!)

In addition,

Memo to parents out there:

You can put your child's age on TRN in the Player Bio section under Update/ "Private Information", if you are a TRN subscriber. Only coaches (and you) are able to see this private information. It surprises me that anyone who is/has been through the system does not know this!

Age might be relevant (or not) for a coach, as jht described in his post. But as for rankings, and the suggestion that it be broken down by "month, year" as I think I read earlier............well I don't know how many coaches would care who is #1-50 for those born in October 1996 or Sept 1995

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