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Clemson def Maryland 5-2


Maryland plays strong doubles and were very aggressive. They won all the matches. Pretty fiery stuff from the Terps.


1: 49 Yannick Maden def Maros Horny def 6-1 6-2
This is just a bad matchup for Horny. He served big but could not make his volleys. Maden is great at passing shots and Horny played straight into his hands several times. Horny is one of the nicest guys in college tennis, wish him well the rest of the year.

2: Gerardo Meza def 152 Vlad Stefan 6-3 4-6 6-2
Stefan played awful to start the match. He missed 4 straight returns and double faulted 3 times. His body seemed to be disconnected from his shots. He was disjointed, not a very pleasing player to watch at all. Meza lost some of his edge up 6-3 3-1 and allowed Stefan back into the match. But as he has done so many times this season Meza put his head down and plowed through the 3rd set.

3: Ayrton Wibowo def Sergio Wyss 7-6(1) 2-6 6-1
Wibowo played another fantastic 3rd set. He was teeing off on the weak Wyss serve in the 3rd. His forehand was on fire and he cracked several krakatowa shots(get it? Largest volcano in history in Indonesia, Wibow is from Indonesia). Wyss was very hostile and tried to psych himself up in the 3rd by saying Wibowo was tight which was very far from the truth.

4: Dom Maden def Jesse Kiuru 6-4 6-2
Down 3-4 in the 1st D.Maden stopped missing and it was straight forward from there. Kiuru could not hurt him in any way.

5: John Collins def Hunter Harrington 7-5 6-7(4) 10-7
Collins is better than #5. He should be their #3 player. Harrington is ultra agressive and basically everything revolves around if he makes his forehand winner shots or not. Both players held serve fairly easily throughout, with only one break the entire set. Harrington led 5-3 in the super-breaker but Collins played some smart aggressive tennis to take the dead rubber.

6: Zac Rigsby def Tommy Laine 6-1 ret.
Rigsby did not play well in doubles so I was surprised to see him come out so strong in singles. Laine tanked big time, basically just didn't feel like playing after the 1st set. Since this match was indoors 5 and 6 came on later, so the match was already decided by the time this match was still ine first set. Rigsby was there to play and Laine decided he didn;t feel like it and quit.
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