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Graf played a game totally unlike most other women. One obvious difference was that one-handed slice, that stayed low to Hingis backhand and gave Graf better reach wide to her left. She was also a better all court mover than just about anyone else Hingis played. Hingis played positional tennis and depended on manuvering her opponent into awkward situations and off balance to induce errors or bad choices. It was virtually impossible to keep Steffi out of position long enough to gain benefit while that slice always made Martina hit up on her twohander. Let's face it Steffi was a perfect anecdote to the entire double-handed revolution in women's tennis. Virtually all other one handers (Navratilova, Novatna, Sukova) followed it to the net for target practice. Steffi did not give a target and gave nothing easy to tee off on in cross court exchanges. Ask yourself how many women with double-handers had a winning record vs Graf?
I was looking at the 1999 FO final and I couldnīt stop thinking how hypocrital grafīs enhancers and Hingis haters are.

Graf ahd the best FH all time - men or women- and the best moves - also both or women- but she was just as much a ***** as Evert,King,Williams, to name a few.

Hingis was arrogant and made a mistake, yes.But she was right, and the line was clearly not the one marked.It seemed that the referees were pushed by the french awful crowd.Hingis would have won it easily and humilliate Graf if not for that ( she also made the mistake not to let it go when she was dominating but SHE WAS UTTERLY RIGHT)

Graf could ahve, at least, signaled the mark or round it.Instead, she was laughing big time, just as the big ***** she was.

Hingis was a geniune champion, always smiling, her game was so unique, inteligent, chess-like.Graf was just a great athlete.

Hingis was so hot and cute, she brought a fresh air that has been lost forever.Graf always looked like she had to go to the dentist...
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