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Had a solid two-hour match with the Dunlop 400 Tour last night. About 10 grams of lead in the hoop centered at 3 and 9, plus an overgrip and the dampener that came with the frame. Poly @ 55 on a crank machine, which some tell me is more like 51ish compared to an electronic or drop weight machine.

Even with the lead, it is not as head heavy as the Organix 8 315, so it doesn't bring the same amount of power, in my experience. But it does offer good overall power from all areas of the court.

Plenty of juice for rally balls - I didn't have to work too hard to keep the ball deep.

I typically find that a dense string pattern and a frame with more mass in the hoop are necessary for penetrating slices, but the Dunlop 400 Tour was more than adequate in producing quality slices.

Kick and slice serves have good bite off the string bed and hop off the court.

But I did notice that on flat serves, even when struck as well as I can strike them, I couldn't generate the blistering pace that's more possible with frames that have more mass in the hoop.

I am thinking that I'll try replacing the Gecko-inspired replacement grip with a leather grip - maybe this will provide more mass for plow through on flat serves?

If that doesn't give me the pace that I am looking for on my first serve, I may try a second layer of lead tape at 3 and 9.

Overall, I enjoyed the test. I won my match against a quality player, but I can't say that I was blown away. Maybe a leather grip will change my mind.
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