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Then consider that Seles was more dominant against ASV (20-3) than Graf was but was pretty bad against Hingis (5-15). Of course part of that was that a lot of those Hingis matches didn't involve a prime Seles (the weight gain had started), but still, the matchup was simply bad. That's why when Seles finally beat Hingis in a big match (something like 6-3, 6-2 in the 1998 French Semis), I was so disappointed that she randomly lost to ASV in the final (while winning the middle set 6-0). It was totally rare loss to ASV and was probably her best chance for another Slam.

Why Hingis gave Monica so much troubles while ASV was dominated by Monica?
Is there something special Hingis has but ASV doesn't?
I feel Hingis is more clever in constructing points than ASV. So Hingis uses her viarieties better than ASV. ASV also has varieties, but doesn't combine them and mix them up as well as Hingis, especially against Seles.

Although Graf leads her head-to-head against Seles, Hingis seems to be a even bigger threat to Seles. Can Steffi learn something from Hingis when facing Seles? Maybe Graf can use her varieties more, come to the net more?
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