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Well, I'll take that point, and quite happily considering my pr-match pessimism. It's all about 4th place now. Failure to secure that would be simply be a killer blow.

Gooners with an easy and not entirely hard to predict victory over Villa, whose decision to hire McCleish still baffles me completely.

Talking of useless managers, just WTF is going on with Dalglish and Liverpool?! Regulars here will know I was underwhelmed and sceptical with 'King Kenny''s appointment, and untold millions and a load of eye-catchingly crap results later, I just think he's blundering around there.

Everyone always goes on about the value of employing managers over the long term citing Fergie's long tenure bla bla bla bla - IMO Liverpool (and a few other clubs) should be hitting the trigger far quicker and getting shot of these so-so managers who are toying with their great heritage. I reckon winning some meaningless domestic trophy (and, man, did they scrape that or what?!) is about as far as Dalglish will ever go with the reds. Sad really... can you imagine a Liverpool bossed by a Mourinho, a Guardiola, a Rhyjkard, a Hiddink, etc?
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