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Default Stringforum Playtest

String:I shall call it "Project X"
Frame(s): YT Radical Pro
Tension: 48

Unlabeled, black, gear shaped

An interesting string. I haven't worked with a gear shaped string since I had some Spiky Shark. The string is softer which is interesting but the gears feel as if they're sticking to everything (including your fingers). The texture is a very clear characteristic of the string and you notice it the second you pick up the set. Coil memory is about average. Weaving the crosses is a bit slower than usual but nothing crazy. Slightly more elastic than your average poly. Knots tied up pretty nicely.


Overall, I have to say that I'm enjoying this playtest. The string is definitely designed with the heavy spin player in mind. It's a medium-low powered string with a ton of bite on the ball. Switching from a full bed of iontec took some adjusting as my balls were barely hitting the service line. I must say though that even bouncing at the service line, they were hitting the back fence on a fly. You can generate quite a few rpms with this stuff. Comfort wise it's not terrible either; it's slightly better than average; comfortable but crisp in response. There isn't a significant dwell time as with B7 or the extra plushness with iontec but by no means is it uncomfortable either.

I think what I designated before is the operative word here, this string is primarily designed as a spin/control string. Flat serves are definitely accessible but topspin is more where this string shines.

Pretty crisp with enough pop to stick the volleys. Definitely a decent setup. Volleys are more effective with a "pro style" volley where one imparts backspin on the ball; this way, it sticks to the ground and dies there.

Tension maintenance:
Over the course of my play tension maintenance wasn't too bad. I noticed that the strings really started shifting on me around the 2.5-3 mark and then just started to get sloppy. The extra spin that was there was gone and it played like a regular, pretty comfortable poly until pop.

Not a huge fan here. While the string definitely played well until it popped, durability is an issue. The gears or (ridges) were gone after 45 minutes of doubles on the crosses. The mains, interestingly enough, still had some semblance of the original texture even at the end of play. Although there was an initial "setting" period, the strings were starting to show notching at the 1hr mark. Half notched at the 2-2.5 hour mark and from there, the strings were shifting around and it was only a matter of time.

Using the requested rating guidelines
Method: Two Piece
String Stretch: Medium
String Behavior: elastic
Tying Knots: Easy
String Surface: Rough

Playing Characteristics: 7 being extremely good, 1 being extremely bad

Power/Acceleration: 4/7
Control/Precision: 6/7
Feel/Feedback: 5/7
Comfort: 6/7
Spin/ Ball Bite: 6/7
String Movement: 4/7

Tension stability: 5/7
Durability: 3.25 hours 4/7
Playing Conditions: Hard court. Penn and Dunlop Grand Prix balls. 1/2 indoor, 1/2 outdoor

Overall a pretty nice string. Someone looking for a lower powered spin/ control designed string will enjoy this setup. I will caution those that play at higher tensions: I think this string will stiffen up quite a bit if you push it to the higher 50's. At 48, it was comfortable and had enough pop to put some decent acceleration on the ball but increasing tension will reduce that drastically. While the "extra" spin didn't stick around, the overall characteristics of the string bed were favorable for the majority of play. The last 30-40 minutes, when the strings were shifting around, were the most "average." This window of play time wasn't necessarily bad, it just didn't resonate with the prior characteristics of the string.

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