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The best way I can describe the Dynaspot is to compare it to the Hammer or Power Weight system rackets except the extra weight is only there on contact. I know that sounds unusual but when you are not swinging the fluid settles to the bottom of the head and the racket feels almost head light; this quality makes getting racket head speed much easier than a typical head heavy racket. Because you can generate good racket head speed, because the racket is head light when you start your stroke, and still get the benefit of head heavy mass at contact you can really generate great power but you still have good control. In my view the Dynaspot technology certainly provides an advantage over a traditional racket and I understand why it's illegal. Kind of like spaghetti stringing - it works!

Show us some more of your collection!
Ok that does it !!!! I have to get one ! Thank you. I'm going to look on the bay. Thanks!!!

I have the spaghetti string. I have an old kneissel/Adidas strung with it.

It is certainly cool.....but not revolutionary . I don't really understand why they made it illegal. But I guess the pros know how to make it do really amazing things .

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