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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post

I have the spaghetti string. I have an old kneissel/Adidas strung with it.

It is certainly cool.....but not revolutionary . I don't really understand why they made it illegal. But I guess the pros know how to make it do really amazing things.
Take a look at a match from the late 70's on Youtube and you'll quickly see why spaghetti stringing was banned. By today's standards there was almost no topspin back then. Even Borg, the player with the most topspin off both sides back then, wasn't hitting what even average pros hit today. Spaghetti stringing allowed crazy, unpredictable, amounts of spin that even the best pros were not used to. Even Guillermo Vilas, who hit really big topspin for his day, complained that lesser players were getting an enormous advantage. That's why is was banned. With modern rackets and polyester strings (that snap back after contact like the spaghetti strings did) today's players can generate considerably more topspin than was possible in the 70's so spaghetti stringing, while still giving a spin advantage, isn't quite the advantage now that it was back then.
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