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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
That was probably one of the top 3 worst games of the Premier League this year

The first half, Spurs were happy to park the bus with 5 in midfield safe in the knowledge that Chelsea are toothless. It made for some pretty ugly stuff!
I was disgusted by Chelsea's play today. As you rightly state, they simply aren't good enough. A new philosophy is needed at the club, and it needs to be implemented and kept. And backed by all.

Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Tevez being back for two 20 minute appearances really made me notice just how average Balotelli and Dzeko have been for the past few months, worrying but a good point away especially after Crouchinho showed up for his standard important goal against us.

Arsenal/City in two weeks will be a battle, the hundreds of sideways passes with no width nor attacking threat may cause Arsenal to take us lightly enough to bench Van Persie - genius plan!
Crouch's goal was a bomb. Best shot I've seen in a while. Toure's goal was a good one too, he put a lot on that shot.
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