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Laver won the Oklahoma World Pro on clay in 1967, too. This was the most preeminent clay event of the pros that year. I would echo Dean's last sentence in his fine post Nr. 45. For me, Laver has still the most complete record in mens tennis, regarding all aspects, and still is the measuring stick for all who will come.
It seems, that in the TV coverage, which i don't get, some respected experts like Collins and Barrett came to word. This would be good for the game. Their own lists would have more historical perspective. Collins 3 years ago, named his top five men: Tilden, Gonzalez, Laver, Borg, Sampras. If i remember it right from his book, then Steve Flink has Kramer and Gonzalez very high in his mens top five all time. So it must a bit strange for him, to find them at 34 and 35.

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