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Originally Posted by Dean View Post
The fact that none of the '67 pro slam titles were on clay is irrelevant.
Of course it is relevant as clay was Laver's weakest surface. Imagine instead of clay, if the French were played on indoor HC/carpet, federer might have had 3 Grand Slams (2k4,2k6,2k7 )

Originally Posted by Dean View Post
You forget that as great as the other pros like Gonzales, Rosewall etc were, they never accomplished the feat in the pro ranks. Only Laver did.
Well, not exactly the same, but Rosewall held 3 different pro majors on 3 different surfaces from 62-63 ( clay, grass, indoor(wood ) )

Originally Posted by Dean View Post
I agree with you that the '62 slam is less impressive for the reasons you stated but you have to admit that just in case Laver agreed with you, he went a did it again in '69 in case anyone may have doubted the first was a lucky fluke.
Don't disagree. Just that I wouldn't place the 62 one on the same pedestal as the 69 one , its not that close even IMO
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