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Originally Posted by GOT STRING?
You took some really awesome pictures! The close up of Nadal's racquet was of special interest to me because I was curious to see if he was using any lead tape on his frame. It does not appear to me that he uses any according to your pictures.
There wasn't any visible lead. The racquet seemed pretty stock to me but I just looked at it, didn't pick it up.

Originally Posted by rilokiley
is TW an official sponser of Pacific Life Open or something?
Yes, we are one of the many sponsors of the event.

Originally Posted by Deuce
Thanks, Jon.
I wish I had access to those lenses - especially the 300mm. Quite a bit out of my price range, though.
Good stuff.
I wish I could have kept those lenses, we rented them from Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara on the way down to PLO. I hear ya on the price thing, they are up there (~$4k U.S. for the 300mm)

More galleries added today.. I will try to get more added this weekend.
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