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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
That makes no sense.

The pro kennex kinetic series has all kinds of crap little sand particles move all around the racquet . So why the hell not liquid ?
Here is the exact rule:

"The frame, including the handle, and the strings, shall be free of any device which makes it possible to change materially the shape of the racket, or to change materially the weight distribution in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the racket which would alter the swing moment of inertia, or to change deliberately any physical property which may affect the performance of the racket during the playing of a point. No energy source that in any way changes or affects the playing characteristics of a racket may be built into or attached to a racket." ITF Rules of Tennis, Appendix III(c)
The whole point of the Dynaspot is to "alter the swing moment of inertia" and "affect the performance of the racket during the playing of a point." The point of the lead particles in the Pro Kennex rackets, according to the manufacturer, is to reduce vibrations and make the racket more comfortable to use. Check out this study.
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