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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
I have a pro kennex fact I'm holding one right now. Those crystals do in fact move to the top of the racquet. I'm shaking it and I can feel it. But maybe I'm wrong and it just feels that way?
From what I understand, Pro Kennex got around the rule by putting the particles in "chambers" around the head and allowing the particles to move in a legal latitudinal direction (≈1/4 inch) but not an illegal longitudinal direction (≈12 inches). So, if the chambers in your racket are still intact, what you are probably feeling is the legal latitudinal movement. I know I can hear the particles move in my Pro Kennex but it doesn't seem like they move around the head. Unfortunately, the Pro Kennex is not clear so you can't see the particles moving. The fluid chamber for the Dynaspot is clear and you can see the fluid moving.
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