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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
Makes sense.

Do you think it should have been made illegal? Does it really give you that much of an advantage. ?

I looked on the bay and can't find one . Any chance you would part with yours?
Interesting questions. Yes, I believe it should be illegal because it provides an advantage, to someone skilled enough to use it, over a traditional racket. I am, however, conflicted because the Dyanspot advantage is not nearly as significant as composite versus wood in racket design or polyester versus nylon in strings or even 100 inch heads versus 60 inch heads. My bottom line is that everyone should play by the same rules so overall I'm happy with enforceable rules - even if sometimes they don't make complete sense.

As far as selling mine, sorry; I've only got one of these. They do come up from time to time on the auction sites and I've even seen them for sale here in the classifieds. While you are searching, look for any of the Maynard Air rackets, they are loads of fun as well:

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