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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
For TR, class serves their audience, which is the college coaches, cause they don't really care about the age.

For parents and players it is frustrating cause older and better junior gets all this press and actually does get benefits when he/she is playing. How would things be different for Fratangelo if he played his age and had progressed where he was "suppose to" versus having an extra year in "high school"? From what I see, it gave him a year to test out the pros before committing to a college like other players his age had to. Nice benefit.

It is annoying for fellow players and parents, I see that. But all you can do is start your player later or move them back prior to high school and be one of them, cause it will always be an issue.
In hind sight, I would of started my kids 1-2 years later. One of my kids graduated at 17, the other turned 18 in March of senior year.
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