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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
Oh man!!!!!!!!

You are my new idol!!!!! I'm changing my avatar to go Autodidactic!!!!!

Sheet!!!! You have to tell us a little about that equijet......

Octagon is nice for sure ......I already have the Bosworth Fox octagon one never actually tried it though .

So what do you think of this two sticks your holiness ? .

That's it .....I'm going to figure out how the hell to post my pics .

To me my coolest stick is the spaghetti I actually have you beat there? Can you match that? If not I will raise you one Blackburne.....

This will be cool . Let's play crazy racquet poker ?

OK, here is a spaghetti strung T-2000:

I'll call your Blackburn:

and raise you another double string face racket the Intertennis Twin:

Collecting and hitting with anything "odd"
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