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Well, leading the championship after two races is not that bad result for a presumably mishappen car. Due to the difficult race conditions today, luck and Alonso's special talent secured him the first place anyway.

I think we are into a season with many contenders for race wins and a close call for the championship in the end. My humble quess would be Button, but I'm actually rooting for Rosberg since I have bet him to beat Schu in total points.

The Red Bull's edge has literally been blown away with their blown diffusor (not double diffusor) being prohibited. McLaren looks very strong, especially in qualifying. So does Mercedes GP, but due to tyre degradation issues their race performance has been disasterous so far. Besides these four teams, Lotus and Sauber seem to me very competitive. Perez could easily have overtaken Alonso today
before the flag had he not been so impatient.

On the other paw we have seen no ordinary race yet this season. Today it was the weather, and Melbourne is rather a special track anyway to allow much conclusions.

As to the noses in this year's design Glock said something like 'the winning car allways is beautiful'. I second that
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