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Good stuff all around.

I was really looking at the McLaren today and I can't figure out how they managed to avoid the repugnantly ugly step down in their design. But like Mercedes' F-Duct, it passed scrutineering so what the heck do I know? I think the more competitive the season the better.

Obviously I think that McLaren are the front runners right now. I think that today's race could have easily gone Hamilton's way if they had pitted him first and the jack man hadn't f'ed up his pit stop. Behind them it's really hard to say.

I think that if Mercedes can keep from eating up their tires on race day then they will have a chance to be serious competitors. Red Bull just seems to be struggling a whole lot to find the groove with their cars right now. Ferrari has chance to pull something together if they could get a decent partner for Alonso and I also really like the Lotus team as well. I don't want to speak too soon on Sauber but I think that things are looking up for them as well.

I'm looking forward to see what developments occur between now and China. I'm just glad that we have a far more exciting season.

Now if COA would just speed things up and release ticket sales I could go ahead and get mine for November!
.....what comes next??.....
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