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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
You have got to tell us what it's like hitting with it ...
The Hi-Ten is new old stock so, sadly, I've elected not to hit with it. I have, however, hit with the Pro Kennex. Like the Hi-Ten, it is advertised to provide more spin and greater control. The Pro Kennex theory suggests that by contacting the ball with more string surface you could achieve more spin. Snauwaert, of course, argued that just the opposite was true. From my perspective all the Pro Kennex did was reduce power. The string surface feels very, very firm! I noticed no appreciable difference in spin or control when compared to an old Kennex Copper Ace I had laying around.

P.S. I've always wanted to take the Pro Kennex to a stringer during "specials week" and ask that it be strung with some really stiff poly string for the sale price.
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