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Originally Posted by bigant2984 View Post
i like the way the season has begun so far, way better that last year, its nice to see 2 different drivers win in the first 2 race of the season, i hope lewis can get a win soon after starting on the pole twice, i am also very impressed with kimi in his first 2 starts, he finished good last race even being penalized, alonso got a some luck throw his way last race, alot of the younger drivers are looking better seems there finding there way, i just hope lewis can put a win up so we can bring home another world champion ship for 2012
Lewis will get his wins. I still think that if he had pitted first and hadn't had that bit of bad luck with the jack man, that he would have been in the lead instead of Alonso.

But I can't say that I am really mad about the result because I love the Ferrari history with that team and definitely want to see them have success.

I think that Kimi is a bit of a wildcard and that is definitely something that F1 needed.

Originally Posted by bigant2984 View Post
yeah i think mclaren made the right choice not goin with the stepped nose, there are looking really fast
I think that the more important question is HOW did McLaren get away with that nose. Considering how much the teams spend on engineering and aerodynamics, It just doesn't exactly match up that only one team out of all of them would figure out how to pull of that type of nose design.


I'm looking forward to Austin. I know that I will probably only be able to afford GA tickets but that would be better than nothing. I would love to sit up on the grandstands but I just think that the cost will be too much.
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