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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post


Ok it's evident that I'm only an amateur and you are a pro. Collecting is not my day

Wow !!! Do you have a website or something we can view ? Your collection is truly amazing and your knowledge immense.

Thank you for posting ....and I really love learning from you.

I thought that your Lacoste was similar to spaghetti stringing in that there are shared holes. Obviously it's not as effective at all; however can two strings come out of one hole?

Here's a pic of my spaghetti strung racquet. Of you enlarge it you will see the mains are actually two strings bound together.

By the way what do you think of my racquet it a good item? I paid $300 for it and it was the only spaghetti string I could even get my hands on:

No website - I guess that should be on my to do list. I've always loved the old Adidas rackets and your spaghetti looks like it was well done. As for $300.00; I've always taken the approach that a product is worth whatever you are willing to pay for it- I guess I'm a capitalist at heart. Anyway, if you are happy with your purchase who am I to say whether you over or under payed!

I believe that the Lacoste type stringing technique is probably legal under the modern rules. The strings are alternately interlaced and not less dense in the center. The only problem I see is with the phrase "[t]he stringing pattern must be generally uniform" as the Lacoste is clearly more dense in the center; but since less density in the center is what the rule is really trying to prevent I think the Lacoste and similar rackets would pass the legality test under the modern rule.
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