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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I think way too much has been made of it. Everybody at Chelsea has given Benfica the upmost respect in every interview given so far, Drogba and Luiz have spoken about the little jig and it was in response to the prospect of a semi-final with Barcelona.

After everything Chelsea have been through with Barcelona over the last 8 years, we have a rivalry, there is bad blood and unfinished business after the famous 4 penalty incidents at the same stage in 2009. The players still think about the injustice of that game and it hurts, it was an even lower feeling than losing the final the year before for me personally. To have the opportunity to potentially go up against Barcelona and a chance of redemption, it's an understandable reaction.
I see and empathize with what you're saying. Chelsea had every right to feel aggrieved with what went on what with terrible decisions etc. Sadly where Barca have got even better than they were a few years ago - and that was brilliant - Chelsea are nowhere near as good as they were then. Then, they were a real match for Barcelona - such a dynamic, strong and tactically astute side, one which was undoubtedly one of the top three clubs in Europe. Now though, well, I just can't envisage the present Chelsea team having a hope in hell against Barca, should they go through against Benfica. I could be totally wrong of course ...

On the Spurs front, all other matters put aside for a second, a victory is what is required to see if the boat has truly steadied.
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