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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
I see and empathize with what you're saying. Chelsea had every right to feel aggrieved with what went on what with terrible decisions etc. Sadly where Barca have got even better than they were a few years ago - and that was brilliant - Chelsea are nowhere near as good as they were then. Then, they were a real match for Barcelona - such a dynamic, strong and tactically astute side, one which was undoubtedly one of the top three clubs in Europe. Now though, well, I just can't envisage the present Chelsea team having a hope in hell against Barca, should they go through against Benfica. I could be totally wrong of course ...

On the Spurs front, all other matters put aside for a second, a victory is what is required to see if the boat has truly steadied.
I agree, Barcelona is pretty much an impossible task unfortunately. Maybe karma will give us those 4 penalties in the Nou Camp this time, maybe grab another on the counter-attack. 5 away goals would do nicely

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Nicely done by Chelsea, Fena, a superb result for you. And a great display by us too - we totally and utterly dominated Bolton and, for once, got the goals to put it to bed... so... Spurs - Chelsea FA Cup semi eh? Let's hope for a better game than last Saturday.
Yeah we were excellent, Benfica were like Stoke the way they were going for long throw ins and long balls. When they tried to do what they normally do we seemed to be one step ahead all the time, so Di Matteo can take alot of credit for the way he prepared the team. Luiz has looked really good the last month or so, like Carvalho at his best, which he was bought in to be.

The semi-final should be a good one! I've been hearing they might move it forward to a friday to give Chelsea a few extra days rest if we go make it to the semi's of the Champions League.
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