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Afraid my personal take on this is not very optimistic. I respect people's desire to want to revert to the caveman or the lesser primitive way of doing things, including barefoot walking and running. The truth is, our ancestors did not live very long, have tons of health issues (often result in painful deaths). Additionally, their activities were much different than ours (probably no tennis). The environment they lived in were also different. So what make us think that a caveman could survive the modern world better than the modern version?
You're making a lot of assumptions with zero evidence. There are many (but fewer every year) groups of people on the planet that live hunter gather lives today that are probably little different than the "caveman", whoever he might be. Most of these groups don't wear shoes, don't die young and don't have tons of health issues. They don't play tennis, but neither do they sit at desks all day and drink soda pop and get diabetes. And I guarantee you that their feet are a hell of a lot stronger than yours or mine.
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